Our Functions

Functions of VMD

(a)  Formulate and enforce quality assurance standards in the in the manufacture, distribution and use of veterinary medicines to safeguard human and animal health and the environment;

(b)  In consultation with the Director of Veterinary Services, regulate the use of veterinary medicine for the treatment of animals under the Animal Diseases Act; Cap 364

(c)  Consider applications for approval for market authorization of veterinary medicines;

(d) Set quality assurance standards for training in the management of veterinary medicines as directed by the Kenya Veterinary Board;

(e)  Collaborate with the Kenya Veterinary Board in regulating training in the management of veterinary medicines;

(f)  Inspect and approve premises in which the manufacture, sale or supply of veterinary medicine is conducted;

(g)  Appoint and gazette veterinary medicine inspectors;

(h)  Establish the standard operating procedures for veterinary medicine inspectors;

(i)   regulate veterinary pharmacy practices;

(j)   Categorize veterinary medicines and the qualification of persons authorized to trade in each category and review the categories every five years;

(k)  Regulate clinical and non-clinical trials of veterinary medicines by individuals and institutions to be involved in the trials;

(l)   Regulate the manufacture, importation, exportation, handling, advertisement, labeling, sale and disposal of veterinary medicines;

(m) Register all veterinary medicines manufactured or imported for use in the country or exported from the country;

(n)  Monitor the market for and take measures necessary for the elimination of trade in illegal and counterfeit veterinary medicines;

(o)  Establish systems of pharmaco-vigilance and conduct pharmaco-vigilance of veterinary medicines through regular inspections and surveys;

(p)  Enforce good manufacturing practice for veterinary medicines as approved by the Council;

(q)  Develop, apply and from time to time review guidelines to be used in the inspection and ensuring compliance with good manufacturing practice;

(r)  Ensure that the promotion and marketing of veterinary medicine is in accordance with the approved product information;

(s)  publish, on an annual basis, a notice in the Kenya Gazette inviting the public to note and inspect the register of veterinary medicines and the list of approved veterinary pharmacy practices within such period and at such place as may be specified in the notice;

(t)  Consider, grant, issue or revoke authorizations and certificates in accordance with these Regulations;

(u)  collaborate with other regulatory agencies including the Public Health (Standards) Board in section 27 of the Food, Drugs and Chemical Substances Act, the Pest Control Products Board established under section 5 of the Pest Control Products Act and the Central Board of Health established under section 3 of the Public Health Act to carry out its mandate; and

(v)   Undertake any other thing necessary for the effective carrying out of its mandate under this     or any other Act .